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Shirt Tailor

Shirt tailors in London are mostly centered around Savile Row a street in Mayfair and Jermyn Street in Westminster, London. Savile Row is home to some of the most prestigious shirt tailors. Named after Lady Dorothy Savile, Savile Row was built in the 1700’s and is home to many tailors. Jermyn Street was named after Henry Jermyn and built in the 1600’s.

Savile row shirts are generally bespoke shirts however savile row shirt makers like Gieves & Hawkes have a ready to wear collection as well. Bespoke means to speak and bespoke tailoring is thought to have originated from when the customer had ordered the bespoke clothing by word.

Savile row shirts are made from scratch using a pattern created from several measurements. Savile row bespoke shirts should not be confused for made to measure where companies alter certain measurements like sleeve measurements and create shirts from stock. The options available for made to measure shirts will be limited since these are not created from scratch.


Mens Striped Shirts from £79

Gray Black Bespoke Shirt
 images/uploadedfabrics/thumb/Crimson With White Stripe.jpg 028 - Gray Black
Green and Jack's Cufflinks
 images/uploadedfabrics/thumb/Snow Big Stripe.jpg 005 - Cufflink
Sea Shell with Contrast Fabric Bespoke Shirt
 images/uploadedfabrics/thumb/Crimson With White Stripe 020 - Contrast Fabric With Sea Shell Fabric