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Bespoke Tailoring - White Cotton Shirts

Bespoke Tailoring - The dawn of a new era!

Green and Jack's bespoke tailoring was conceived from a consumer's need for creating bespoke shirts 24 hours a day from the comfort of their desktop. Green and Jack's are a truly bespoke tailoring business since bespoke shirt clients are able to make special tailoring requests to us unlike some of our competition who provide limited options and take limited measurements. None of our bespoke shirts are made from ready made components.
Every time Green and Jack's receive a bespoke tailoring request for a bespoke men's shirt a unique pattern is cut and stored so that future bespoke shirt orders can be placed with minimum effort. All the styles shown on the style pages are the most popular styles chosen previously by our bespoke tailoring customers.
Green and Jack's was founded by an internet-business savvy individual Jack by acquiring bespoke tailoring expertise from John who helped to create and launch the Green Jack's bespoke tailoring website.

Green and Jack's bespoke tailoring is born.

The story begins with Jack, the entrepreneur of an award-winning beverage company. As a successful businessman, Jack realised the importance of looking elegant in high quality shirts. Jack purchased his luxury bespoke shirts from mainstream tailors. Yet, Jack was often unsatisfied with the quality and wanted more design flexibility with convenience of ordering them online. Jack turned to his friend and associate John for expertise.
John owns a renowned bespoke tailoring company that creates bespoke men's shirts for a variety of well known, UK personalities and well known brands in Bond Street and Jermyn Street London. John created 10, high-quality bespoke shirts for Jack as a trial to show his bespoke tailoring expertise.
Jack along with some bespoke tailoring specialists and Manisha who still works at Green and Jack's observed the process of tailoring in detail to capture the various components required for bespoke men's shirt customers to create men's shirts with ease. Jack then ran a trial of the bespoke shirt ordering process on three of his discerning investment banking friends who were already paying mega bucks with the some of the best bespoke tailors in London to fine tune the bespoke men's shirt ordering process. After the initial adjustments Green and Jack's bespoke tailoring was born and the three friends purchased a further 30 bespoke shirts between them.

Bespoke Tailoring - Men's Gift

Soon the word spread about the fabrics and fine craftsmanship at Green and
Jack's bespoke tailoring and Green and Jack's started receiving orders for
bespoke shirts at a slow and steady pace. Growth for Green and Jack's
bespoke tailoring has been exceptional in the last couple of years and
we are now contemplating to start selling men's accessories like
Ties >> Cufflinks >> Grooming Products.

Green and Jack's Bespoke Tailoring is Born - Now Fashioning
High-Quality, Bespoke Men's Shirts!